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Willow Magical Moments: 7 Highlights from Chapter 8, “Children of the Wyrm”

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Elora Danan faces the Crone in the thrilling season finale.

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Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from Willow Chapter 8, Children of the Wyrm.

Our heroes are at the end of their quest and now they must defeat the Crone and the Wyrm’s illusions. For some, it means sacrificing what they love for the greater good. For others, finding the magic within themselves and the strength that was there all along. Here are seven highlights from Chapter 8, “Children of the Wyrm.”

1. Willow’s goodbye.

There are journeys we must make alone. As the remaining heroes consider their options on the edge of the Shattered Sea, Willow sends Jade, Graydon, and Boorman off with words of encouragement. But Willow’s future is his daughter, Mims. And with the rest of his crew making a leap of faith, Willow retreats into the fog, a solitary figure alone once more.

2. Boorman’s comic relief.

A highlight of the series, Boorman manages to take another intense moment and infuse it with hilarity. A storm is looming over the undead Immemorial City. Everything looks bleak. But he, Jade, and Graydon know they have to follow their friends. “And then what? It’s dark, windy, probably the end of the world. I guess what I’m saying is…if either of you two want to make out real quick, I’d be up for it.” It’s an unexpected dose of levity that sets the series apart from other fantasy fare and makes Boorman one of the most valuable members of the crew.

3. Madmartigan speaks!

Madmartigan has been notably absent throughout the season, but in Kit’s moment of need he breaks through the Wyrm’s illusion to speak to his daughter. Behind-the-scenes, the voice is provided by both Val Kilmer, the original Madmartigan who lost his voice to throat cancer, and his son Jack Kilmer, through a combination of AI and sound mixing technology. It’s a fitting tribute to the character and the actor, bringing Kit’s longing for her lost father full circle.

4. Elora and Airk’s wedding…interrupted.

It’s all a little too perfect, isn’t it? Elora is Dove again, her blond hair pinned beneath a dainty veil, so achingly beautiful that Airk actually gasps a little when she pulls it back at the end of the aisle. Luckily, there’s one late arrival — Willow Ufgood, sorcerer supreme/wedding crasher.

5. Graydon’s failure.

Poor, sweet Graydon. Channeling his desire to protect the person he loves, he wields Elora’s wand in an ultimately fruitless attempt to kill the Crone.

6. Defeating the Wyrm — Elora and Kit.

Luckily, with Willow talking Elora through her fears and Jade and Kit tackling Airk’s demonic possession, the crew pulls together to silence the Crone and save the prince, seemingly defeating the Wyrm…for now.

7. It’s not over yet…

But as we see in the final moments, there’s still a war brewing elsewhere. And in that topsy turvy place where the Wyrm and its undead army rule, trouble remains.

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