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Skywalker Sound specializes in sound design, editing, mixing, and audio post-production across multiple mediums.  From the gathering of real-life, organic sounds to developing new techniques in sound presentation, Skywalker Sound remains one of the world’s most innovative facilities – eager to explore, create, and venture into the unknown.

Skywalker Sound began in 1975, when George Lucas hired Ben Burtt. They were looking for a “director of sound,” someone who could imagine and implement a creative soundtrack to match the revolutionary visuals they planned for a low-budget science fiction adventure called Star Wars. The company soon became Sprocket Systems, and shared space with Industrial Light & Magic in San Rafael, before moving up to the newly completed Skywalker Ranch in 1987. In 1989, Sprocket Systems was officially renamed Skywalker Sound and it continues to break new ground in soundscapes for film and television as well as the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

Sound and storytelling go hand in hand, creating an atmosphere and environment that would otherwise be difficult to tell with picture alone. Skywalker Sound offers a full suite of post-production sound services. Six feature mixing stages, three Foley stages, and numerous sound design and editorial suites are staffed by a creative team of over 150 people. Skywalker Sound also hosts a Scoring Stage which can easily accommodate a 125-piece symphony orchestra yet is flexible enough to provide an intimate recording environment for a solo performer.

Skywalker Sound boasts a unique library of nearly six terabytes of original audio.  Never one to rest on it’s laurels, the artists frequently capture new field-recordings which give filmmakers the ability to tell their story in an accurate and convincing way.

Skywalker Sound Technical Building

Skywalker Sound remains committed to providing filmmakers and storytellers with as many tools and formats as possible.  For over two decades, they have collaborated in the development of new theatrical and venue-oriented audio formats.

Skywalker Sound is also on the cutting edge of sound design and mix for virtual and augmented reality. Whether it’s modifying existing theatrical content or creating an original experience, Skywalker Sound can help optimize the user experience for these formats.

The division also boasts a software development group charged with creating cutting-edge tools for post production professionals and film distribution companies alike.  

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