• Lucasfilm

    At Lucasfilm we’re in the business of telling great stories and making magic with the best diverse talent in the industry.

    Featured jobs:

    Pipeline Engineer

    Director, Live-Action Series Development


    We Create.
  • Lucasfilm Animation

    Our award-winning and passionate Lucasfilm Animation team includes artists and technologists who tell stories that enrich audiences of all ages.

    Featured job:

    Production Assistant (Project Hire)

    Lucasfilm Animation

    We Inspire.
  • ILM

    ILM has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film.

    Featured jobs:

    Talent Management Coordinator (Singapore)

    Senior Production Engineer – Media (Vancouver)




    We Imagine.

    Our mission at ILMxLAB is to invite people to ‘Step Inside our Stories’ through pioneering work in real-time immersive entertainment.

    Featured jobs:

    ILMxLAB Associate Experience Designer

    ILMxLAB Producer


    We Innovate.
  • Skywalker Sound

    For more than a generation, Skywalker Sound has created soundscapes that have redefined aural immersion.

    Featured job:

    Production Financial Analyst

    Skywalker Sound

    We Design.
  • Internships

    Take your first step into a larger world. Lucasfilm interns work shoulder-to-shoulder with industry leaders and develop skills to advance their careers.

    As a Lucasfilm intern you’ll work closely with industry experts in areas ranging from Technology, to Art, to Public Relations. Our paid internships are for 12 weeks and will take place during the spring and summer of 2019 in San Francisco, CA.

    The 2019 summer positions are now posted! Please check out our San Francisco and Burbank opportunities here!


    We Dream.