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Willow reuniting with Rool
Scorpia introduces herself

Willow Magical Moments: 5 Highlights from Chapter 5, “Wildwood”

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The heroes find old friends and new answers in a strange forest.

Join every week for Willow Magical Moments, as we list and discuss highlights from each episode.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from Willow Chapter 5, “Wildwood.”

This chapter literally hits the ground running as Willow and companions escape from the pursuing Gales into the mysterious Wildwood. Like all mythical quests, the journey inside this seductive realm parallels a deeper journey within each character. Captured by the Bone Reavers, the group learns there is more than meets the eye with these fearsome warriors, while Jade Claymore discovers a revelation about her past. As the heroes take a moment to rest, they are faced with their greatest foe: their own doubts and weaknesses.

1. Welcome to the Wildwood.

From Tir Asleen and the Nelwyn Valley to Nockmaar Castle and, now, the fabled Wildwood, we visit another location from the 1988 movie. Willow and Boorman seem to know their way around the place, and Elora Danan senses something familiar from way back in her infancy. It was here that she met the fairy Cherlindrea, who gave Willow a magical wand. It’s fitting that Elora and Willow discuss this hallowed item back in the Wildwood, and the latter even reveals its crafting from “a splinter from the great tree at the center of all things.”

2. The Bone Reavers aren’t who they seem to be.

The discovery of Jade’s birthmark reveals not only her true lineage but also the complex ambiguities of General Kael’s people. Though an enemy to most, the Bone Reavers had once been slaves of Galladoorn, an ally of Tir Asleen and home to Graydon and his family. Their alliance with Bavmorda was in part a means of attaining their freedom, and the group is now on the run as they strive for a free and peaceful existence.

3. Another old friend returns.

It isn’t a Willow adventure without Brownies making an appearance. Who could forget Kevin Pollak’s fiendishly wonderful portrayal of Rool in the classic movie (“Your mother was a lizard!”), and now we see him with a new house, a new hat, and a daughter! Of course, this story takes place in the Wildwood, the place where we first met Rool, Franjean, and their cohort.

4. The quest within.

After last week’s transformative events at Nockmaar, our heroes have a lot of growing yet to do. This includes cosmetic changes, as Elora’s blonde hair starts to return to its natural red and Graydon shaves his beard in the hopes to attract her. But on a much deeper level, this cohort of misfits are each experiencing an identity crisis. In the search for Airk, they must also search for themselves.

5. “I hate trolls.”

These pesky creatures always seem to arrive at the worst time. First, they stop Willow from rescuing the infant Elora Danan in the 1988 classic. Now they’ve interrupted a much-anticipated moment between Kit and Jade. Boorman’s worried proclamation (“Trolls…”) echoes Willow’s original dismissal, “I hate trolls,” leaving us with an ill omen for next week…

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