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Willow Magical Moments: 5 Highlights from Chapter 1, “The Gales”

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The adventure begins.

Join every week for Willow Magical Moments, as we list and discuss highlights from each episode.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from Willow Chapter 1, “The Gales.”

It’s time to welcome back some old friends, and meet some new ones.

The new Willow series, a sequel to the 1988 fan-favorite film of the same name, is finally here. Time has marched on since the events of the original movie; Bavmorda is gone and Queen Sorsha rules her kingdom peacefully, but all is not well in Tir Asleen. As a new threat rises, a group of fresh-faced heroes must come together and meet it — with some help from a certain Nelwyn sorcerer, of course. Funny, thrilling, and moving as it sets the stage for the wider story, here are five highlights from Chapter 1, “The Gales.”

1. Meeting the next generation.

In rapid succession, we get to know Kit and Airk Tanthalos, the children of Sorsha and Madmartigan. Both have clearly inherited certain traits from their parents — from (over)confidence to sword fighting to flirting — and come to form the emotional anchor of the episode. For those who love Willow, it’s exciting to see how our heroes made a life and family, even if, like most, they don’t always get along. 

And the other new faces in their orbit — the loyal Jade Claymore; the optimistic and good-natured kitchen-maid, Dove; Prince Graydon Hastur of Galladoorn, who holds more wisdom than he lets on; and Thraxus Boorman, the seasoned warrior with a bemused sense of realism in a world of trolls and magic — round out the group in a compelling way, all bringing unique personalities to the table.

2. Kit’s story.

The news that Jade is leaving, an arranged marriage she doesn’t want — it all becomes too much for Kit. As she commands the attention of her party, telling the story of a princess who entered a contest to win her own hand, you can’t help but feel for the young princess.  

3. The attack.

Bavmorda would be proud. Nightmarish, seemingly unstoppable dark forces called the Gales attack the castle, and the queen’s guards — not to mention Kit, Jade, and co. — are no match. It doesn’t bode well for the future of the kingdom, or the prospects of saving Airk, who was taken by the Gales.

4. Willow is back.

And it’s been too long. Seeing Warwick Davis as the titular sorcerer once again is downright heartwarming, and something many of us never thought we’d see. Enjoy it.

5. That reveal.

Even with a spoiler warning up top, we won’t mention it in specifics. But this is a twist that changes everything, and we can’t wait to see where Willow goes from here.

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