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Willow Magical Moments: 5 Highlights from Chapter 7, “Beyond the Shattered Sea”

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The crew makes the perilous journey across the Shattered Sea.

Join every week for Willow Magical Moments, as we list and discuss highlights from each episode.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from Willow Chapter 7, Beyond the Shattered Sea.”

Crossing the mythical Shattered Sea proves to simultaneously act as a spiritual journey into the dark night of the soul for Willow and his friends and an arduous physical challenge. Exhausted, running low on rations, and emotionally drained, the friends are easy prey for the Crone. Wandering the wasteland leaves them feeling utterly hopeless, breaking even Elora Danan’s resolve. But all is not lost in Chapter 7 of Willow, “Beyond the Shattered Sea.” Here are five highlights.

1. Elora reaches her full potential.

Elora’s hair has been slowly becoming a mottled mix of blond and auburn, but in saving Kit from drowning she comes fully into her own as a sorcerer. The spell takes hold, Kit is spat back to dry land and the world of the living, and Elora’s mane becomes a shock of fiery red.

2. Escape from the Crone.

In a thrilling chase sequence, Graydon takes the reins of the Mudmander-drawn sleigh, and the team pulls together to try to defeat the Gales. As Boorman puts it: “Don’t worry. Papa’s got a harpoon!” But…there’s a lot to worry about. For one thing, it doesn’t seem like he knows how to use said harpoon. And for all her magical potential, Elora falters in battle, rescued at the last moment by Jade and her swordfighting prowess.

3. The training montage. 

Elora and Willow. Kit and Jade. Elora and…Graydon? Yes, he of the magical flute, the Mudmander whisperer, the prince from Galladoorn, is also now training to become a sorcerer. And Kit finally confesses her true feelings for her best friend. “I love you,” she tells Jade. We know! Or as Jade puts it, “Shut up and do something about it.” Hear hear!

4. Willow vs. Mims.

Willow’s regrets come back to haunt him in the chilling form of his daughter, possessed, and blaming her Da for once again abandoning his family for some adventure. It’s an exchange made even more impactful given the casting choice of Annabelle Davis, Warwick Davis’ real-life daughter, as Mims to his Willow Ufgood. In one heartbreaking exchange, we learn that Willow’s wife is dead and his son ran away, leaving only father and daughter.

5. Kit and Elora unite.

It’s been a rough road for Kit and Elora, always at odds on their journey. But they share the same goal: saving Airk from the Crone. And when Elora loses all hope, it’s Kit who comes to her aid, with enough courage for both of them. Only together can they succeed on their mission, and so together they tumble over the waterfall and into the great unknown, believing that they will find the city on the other side.

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