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Willow Magical Moments: 5 Highlights from Chapter 6, “Prisoners of Skellin”

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There are a few answers and more questions deep within the mines.

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Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from Willow Chapter 6, “Prisoners of Skellin.”

In Chapter 6, “Prisoners of Skellin,” a rescue mission to save Kit and Willow turns into a hunt for the Kymerian Cuirass, and just maybe, a clue to Madmartigan’s fate. Briefly joining the group of heroes is Allagash, a rogue hellbent on taking the Cuirass yet also with a deep understanding of Madmartigan’s commitment to protecting Elora Danan. Kit meanwhile, is hellbent on somehow reaching her father, while a regretful Boorman seeks redemption, and a twisted Elora seeks to control her magical powers. Here are five highlights.

1. Can you trust a man in a crow’s cage?

It isn’t the first time Willow Ufgood’s come across a stranger locked inside a crow’s cage, and both claimed to be named Madmartigan! This time, the scruffy man is in fact Allagash, Madmartigan’s old comrade from Galladoorn. As Kit remembers it, Allagash was said to have been quite inept as a knight. His unconventional traits might’ve endeared him to his friend Madmartigan.

2. The battle at Land’s End.

Years earlier at the battle of Land’s End, Madmartigan had deserted his post to “chase fortune and glory,” according to Allagash. This choice ultimately led to his imprisonment and meeting with Willow. Previously, the battle had only been mentioned in the original Willow novelization and sourcebook from the late 1980s. This reference sheds light on Madmartigan’s fateful choice to pursue selfish ends, a choice that Boorman and Allagash seemed to have made as well. But as Madmartigan’s story demonstrates, there is still a chance for redemption.

3. There’s more to Trolls than meets the eye.

In the original movie, the Trolls encountered by Willow are little more than wild creatures who ravenously attack everything in their path. But these Skellin Trolls not only speak the common language but demonstrate cunning and a kind of sophistication. Earning their allegiance, the Withered Crone has shown them how to refine the vermiscus into an elixir that improves their strength and agility. The Trolls remain as vicious as their 1988 counterparts, but as Sarris himself tells Kit, “What do you think we are, animals?”

4. Another Nelwyn adventurer. 

Although Willow was exceptional among Nelwyns in leaving his small village on a quest to the wider world, it’s clear that he wasn’t the only one to do so. Even in his own time, it’s suggested that some like the High Aldwin and the warrior Vohnkar might’ve had quests of their own. Now, we can imagine the adventures of the one and only Wiggleheim, whom Willow describes as “a legendary Nelwyn adventurer,” not to mention “raconteur” and “darts champion.” Using riddles to guard his tomb, Wiggleheim must’ve had a playful heart in addition to gathering a lion’s share of coveted treasures, including the Kymerian Cuirass itself. 

5. Sorcery demands confidence.

As her hair continues to turn its natural red, Elora Danan is experiencing a crisis. Separated from Willow, she has no teacher to counter her apprehensions, and struggles to control her power. A mere sneeze causes disruption throughout the mines. When Jade nearly falls to her death, Elora helps pull her to safety, but drops Cherlindrea’s wand (not unlike Anakin Skywalker’s penchant for losing his lightsaber in Star Wars). Later, Kit questions just why everyone seems to put Elora’s protection before everything else. Elora is guilty and confused, but can she put it all aside to cast a spell and save Kit’s life?

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