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Hasbro’s New Indy Retro Figure out of package
Hasbro’s New Short Round Retro Figure out of package

Fortune and Glory: Hasbro’s New Indy and Short Round Retro Collection Figures Revealed

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Get a first look at the classic-style figures based on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and hear from Hasbro’s Chris Reiff on the design process.

Toy collectors, hold on to your potatoes.

After Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in 1981, Kenner produced a small line of action figures to accompany the film. But unlike the toy maker’s Star Wars series, which spanned the entire original trilogy, Kenner’s Indy line ended after one movie. (LJN Toys would make three figures for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Fans have long wondered what Kenner toys based on subsequent films might have been like, and Hasbro is finally fulfilling that long-awaited wish. is thrilled to reveal two new entries in Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Retro Collection: Indiana Jones and Short Round, both inspired by their appearance in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and designed to fit with Kenner’s original Indy figures.

While there were a few looks to choose from for Harrison Ford’s adventuring archaeologist, one stood out to the designers.

“Deciding which scene from Temple of Doom to capture in this figure was key but, ultimately, there was only one choice — that classic moment of Indiana Jones standing on the bridge with the machete, his torn shirt, and his bandaged hand,” Chris Reiff, manager, product design, on the Hasbro Star Wars team, tells “This figure was slightly different from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones figure, which featured a full jacket, and really captures the spirit of Temple of Doom.”

When it came to Short Round, Indy’s sidekick memorably played by Ke Huy Quan, Reiff and team started from scratch.

“Bringing Indiana Jones’ Short Round character into the classic Retro figure style was a fun project to work on,” Reiff says. “We had several enjoyable conversations to discuss how the figure may have been created if it happened back on the original 1980s Kenner line. Every aspect was up for discussion, especially choosing his height relative to the other existing Indy Retro figures, picking his torch accessory, giving him a separate shirt piece, and getting just the right feel to his iconic hat. I love how he turned out, and I think he fits right into the original figure collection.”

Check out both figures (including the original-style packaging) in the gallery below. For more on Hasbro’s upcoming Indiana Jones figures, read’s interview with Hasbro on the entire range, and take a look at more recent reveals.

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