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Hasbro Indiana Jones Live Stream: Professor Indy and More Toy Treasures Revealed

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What are these upcoming releases in the Retro Collection, Adventure Series, and beyond? Fortune and glory.

These belong in a museum. Or in your collection.

Following October 2022’s first look at the next generation of Indiana Jones products, Hasbro and Lucasfilm revealed even more toy treasures today in a special live stream. The releases include board games (Indiana Jones Monopoly!), toys and figures for kids and adults alike, and more, all spanning the entire Indy saga.

Among the many highlights are the 6-inch scale Indiana Jones Adventure Series Professor Indy figure; new additions to the Retro Collection, including René Belloq, originally released as a mail-away, uncarded toy by Kenner; and the first images of the 2.5-inch scale Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure series, a charming new line geared toward children.

So put on your fedoras and check out all the reveals in the gallery below. Pre-orders for the Adventure Series Club Obi Wan Indy launch today; remaining pre-orders will follow in the near future. With all products arriving Spring 2023, the toy-hunting adventure is about to begin.

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