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Round-Up: New Double Victory Outtakes

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To Honor Black History Month, Lucasfilm Has Released Four New Interview Clips

Double Victory: The Tuskegee Airmen at War (2012) was produced as a non-fiction companion film to Red Tails (2012). A multi-year effort by Lucasfilm’s documentary team, the production crew interviewed surviving Tuskegee Airmen and relatives across the United States. Though many selections were incorporated into the final film, others remain unseen.

Four new outtakes released this February on YouTube offer new insights and stories about these remarkable men and women and their courage to overcome adversity in its many forms.

Lee Archer On His First Aerial Victory

Lee Archer (1919-2010) was one of the few Tuskegee Airmen to achieve four aerial victories in combat. He tells the story of his first credit, and how the experience challenged his initial understanding of fighter pilot etiquette.

Mildred Carter on Learning to Fly

Before she married Tuskegee Airman Herbert E. Carter (1919-2012), Mildred Carter (1921-2011) trained as a civilian pilot at the Tuskegee Institute, becoming the first Black woman in Alabama to earn a pilot’s license. She discusses the marvelous freedom of taking off into the sky.

Charles A. Lane on Flying the P-51

Charles A. Lane (1925-2016) describes the experience of flying the state-of-the-art P-51 Mustang, and the nerves of preparing for combat.

Charles Dryden on Facing Obstacles

After World War II, Charles Dryden (1920-2008) later became a professor and author. He shared his historical perspective on the Tuskegee Airmen and the challenges they faced.

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