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Lucasfilm Highlights from One Day at Disney 

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Employees Across Disney Are Showcased in a New Book and Streaming Series

A new collectible book and documentary series chronicles one day across The Walt Disney Company, featuring 76 employees, including Lucasfilm’s Senior Events Manager Este Meza, and Receptionist and Motion Capture Performer Billy Ray Chubbs.

“It’s really cool to tell your kid you’re the Hulk or the T. Rex,” comments Billy Ray Chubbs. The trained figure skater first entered the company as a security guard before transferring to a receptionist position at Lucasfilm’s San Francisco campus.

It was just like any other day when someone from Industrial Light & Magic asked Chubbs if he’d suit up as a motion-capture performer. Ever since, he’s been stepping into the role of digital characters from the Hulk to King Kong to a Tyrannosaurus rex, all the while keeping his receptionist job. “Being asked to participate in One Day at Disney was an honor,” Chubbs added, “just as much as being asked to perform as all the different iconic characters I have portrayed in films.”

Also based in San Francisco, Senior Events Manager Este Meza is among the masterminds behind Star Wars Celebration, as well as countless other events and conventions. He also has the unusual task of wrangling our cast of droid performers, including R2-D2 and BB-8, for special public appearances. “The foundation of my role is to create events and experiences for our fans,” Meza explains, “and the foundation of our company is to create amazing entertainment and stories for our fans. In that way my work parallels the work of the rest of my colleagues at Lucasfilm and is an extension of everything we do.”

Meza appreciates his uncommon position in the company, allowing him “to be surrounded by our fans so often which gives me opportunities to connect with them. Best of all, I get to do so organically, in everyday conversations, not behind a microphone on stage but face to face.”

The new book chronicles the story of Chubbs and Meza in greater detail, and will be available starting December 3, 2019. That same day marks the premiere of a new short-form series on Disney+ profiling Disney cast members from across the entire company.

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