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Lucasfilm Animation Talks Star Wars Resistance Season Two

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Behind-the-Scenes Crew Share the Scoop on Second and Final Season

Team Fireball is returning to television screens on October 6 with the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars ResistanceAmy Ratcliffe at sat down with the creative team from Lucasfilm Animation to get their take on what’s in store for Kaz, Tam, Yeager, and the entire cast of characters.

Here’s just a sampling of what the series crew had to say…

Executive Producer Athena Portillo on hero Kaz Xiono: It’s almost like the Godfather: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” From the beginning, he told Poe he didn’t want to get involved. He has to put himself out there in Season Two to try to gain answers and to try to help his team find the supplies they need to survive. He was a father figure in Season One to Team Fireball, and now he’s actually becoming more of a leader and taking an active role.

Supervising Director Justin Ridge on telling stories about everyday characters in Star Wars: I’ve worked on The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels where the Force is more at play and to be able to focus on characters that were more everyday people was refreshing. You could have different perspectives and not have to rely on that element. They have to use other means to overcome the First Order and any challenges that come their way.

Head Writer Brandon Auman on the First Order coming aboard the ColossusIt’s a very divided Colossus. It’s interesting to see two different sides and the different truths behind those two sides. It’s not necessarily a good versus evil thing. From the beginning, the characters are thinking, “There’s better security, and now there’s more opportunities for work.” But then eventually as that happens, we discover the rest of the Colossus realizes, “Oh, these aren’t such great guys. They really do want to take over.” Even the ones that were sort of pro-First Order start to realize it’s a much more dire situation.

Athena Portillo: What’s exciting about Season Two is that since the platform’s taken off, we’re in space now. We had to figure out, “How are we going to make this exciting?” It means we have to go to new locations. You’re now going to explore other locations, meet new characters, come across new creatures, come across new challenges.

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