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The Lucasfilm 4th of July Company Picnic: A 40-Year Tradition

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Discover one of our favorite annual events.

Of the many traditions at Lucasfilm, one of the oldest is the annual 4th of July company picnic. 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of this beloved gathering of employees and their families.

“I feel so honored and lucky to bring my family to the company picnic,” said Tony Sherg, a Creative Production Specialist at Lucasfilm. “They have always known I worked for a special company, but the picnic allows them to really wrap their heads around how truly unique our traditions and culture are.

It’s typically a warm, summer day when families descend on Skywalker Ranch in northern California. From its inception in 1978, the company picnic has been a potluck affair, with a large offering of homemade salads in addition to barbecue and lots of ice cream!

In the earliest years, the company employee count barely numbered in the hundreds, and the many structures of the Ranch grounds had yet to be fully constructed. As Lucasfilm has grown, so too has the scope of the annual event, though it has yet to lose its downhome and relaxed atmosphere.


Many activities highlight picnic day. Pairs of all ages compete in the egg-toss contest, the winners often reaching dozens of yards apart from each other. Teams of families put their rowing skills to the test in the raft races on Lake Ewok. Other groups hit the softball diamond and volleyball pits.

Elsewhere at the stables livestock big and small form a welcoming party. Skywalker Ranch’s own Fire Department is on hand, allowing youngsters the chance to explore their specialized fire trucks. It’s all capped off with live musical performances often by employee-lead bands.

“I love the camaraderie and community that exists both inside and outside the workplace at Lucasfilm,” says Heather West, an Executive Assistant at Lucasfilm. “Seeing friends and meeting their families in a setting that very few get to experience is a humbling thing.”

Whether you’re a brand new employee, a summer intern or a 30-year veteran, the 4th of July picnic is an opportunity to come home to Lucasfilm. Our company continues to celebrate our “family” every year at Skywalker Ranch.

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