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Best of the 2018 Sidewalk Chalk Festival

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Employees Team Up to Make Art Outside Our San Francisco Campus

In San Francisco, fall weather often brings sunny skies, making it the perfect excuse to get outside and make art! The 2018 Lucasfilm Sidewalk Chalk Festival was the latest installment of one of our favorite annual traditions.

Top prize in this employee event went to “The Nightmare Before Sithmas,” a wonderfully frightful blend of Star Wars and the classic Disney feature film.

Team member Rebecca Forth of Industrial Light & Magic said the hardest part of the design was dealing with all the black chalk! “Getting it dark enough and covering all of the space to where the pieces would pop off the pavement was definitely the most difficult aspect,” she said. “Our team covered so much ground and we were still washing off the black chalk from our hands the day after!”

Second Place went to “Luminous Beings Are We,” with a striking portrayal of Jedi Master Yoda, which also took the prize for the “Best Star Wars” square. Team member Sarah Garcia described how, “most teams fill the squares top to bottom and side to side, but we thought it would look cool to place one giant design in the middle and create a non-traditional outline.”

“It’s a great day to get outside and be creative with your colleagues,” continued Garcia. “I think for my team it’s especially fun because we’re in the Legal department, and it’s nice to highlight that there are creative folks all around the company, not just in the Art and Story departments.”

Don’t miss the gallery below where you can see all the winners from this year’s event!

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