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The Legend of Monkey Island and Sea of Thieves Join Forces for Final Crossover

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The Lair of LeChuck is available now.

Ahoy, Monkey Island and Sea of Thieves meet again!

The final installment in Rare and Lucasfilm Games’ epic Monkey Island and Sea of Thieves crossover, The Legend of Monkey Island, has arrived. Called The Lair of LeChuck, this third Monkey Island-themed Tall Tale reunites players with Guybrush Threepwood, hero of Lucasfilm Games’ classic series. Together, you’ll travel to Monkey Island itself to track down the ghost Pirate LeChuck.

The Lair of LeChuck follows the first two Tall Tales — narrative extensions of the main Sea of Thieves game — in The Legend of Monkey Island, including The Journey to Melee Island and The Quest for Guybrush. All Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales are free to players who own any Sea of Thieves edition, as well as Xbox Game Pass members.

Sea of Thieves is Rare’s shared-world pirate adventure game, where crews of up to four players set sail to explore a world of buried treasure, trap-filled ancient ruins, gigantic sea monsters, and skeleton ship fleets. Plus, encounters with other pirate crews who might turn out to be friend or foe.

So grab your eye patches and swords and set sail for one more Monkey Island adventure with Sea of Thieves.

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