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From script to screen, our production team shepherds projects through all evolutionary phases, ensuring that each and every one feels true to the Lucasfilm brand.

One Big Story

Founded in 2012, the Lucasfilm Story Group ensures that every aspect of Star Wars fits together as part of a larger universe. The team works across all platforms including feature films television, publishing, games, and more to keep everything working together within a single narrative timeline. The team combines a deep appreciation of Star Wars history with fresh, innovative storytelling to inspire and delight fans of all ages.

Visualizing the World

Concept art has a long tradition at Lucasfilm, tracing back to 1975 when George Lucas enlisted Ralph McQuarrie to conceptualize the world of Star Wars: A New Hope. Continuing this tradition, Doug Chiang and the Lucasfilm Art Department work closely with writers, directors, and the Lucasfilm Story Group to build the visual foundation of each project across the company, from feature films to video games, as well as new media, theme parks, and television.

Bringing it All to Life

The production team seamlessly blends technical orchestration with artistic vision to make sure that proper resources are available to bring each film to life. The team works tirelessly behind the scenes for every step of the filming process, from building the cast and crew to securing filming locations and coordinating shoot schedules. They act as liaisons between the on-set film crew and the studio so that each project is made on schedule and on budget.

Tasked with filming live-action features, the on-set crew brings everything together to actualize each project. In addition to physical filming, they are also responsible for building the immersive sets, creatures, costumes, and props of Star Wars that fans have come to know and love. Since their return to making live-action films, Lucasfilm has partnered with Pinewood Studios in the UK for in-studio filming.