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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones

  • Years: 1992-1996
  • Created By: George Lucas

A rollicking journey that stands as a feat of innovation

Created and produced by George Lucas, the series combines fascinating history with the best in imaginative entertainment, and upon its release in 1992 proved a marvel in educational television unlike anything that had ever been seen before.

Across the span of nearly two-dozen feature length episodes, the series chronicles the exploits of Indiana Jones as a young man, from world travels as a child to teenage adventures in the First World War and beyond. Each entry in the globe-trotting epic brings Indy to exciting locales and encounters with celebrated figures of history as varied as Theodore Roosevelt to Leo Tolstoy.

Filmed in over a dozen countries across the world, the series brings cinematic stories to the television screen, with astounding production design, period costuming, and digital recreations of historic environments. And with a huge cast of star-studded members as diverse as Max Von Sydow, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Daniel Craig, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones remains a gem of educational storytelling…

“Well, my parents call me Henry, but you can call me Indy.”

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Coming to Disney+ on May 31

Indiana Jone Has Arrived on Disney+!

Before Indy's next big-screen adventure, you can now watch his original stories, including The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.