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Resistance speeders on Crait
Finn battles with Captain Phasma
Luke Skywalker and General Leia Organa

Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Rian Johnson

The stirring middle chapter in the sequel trilogy

The eighth installment in the Skywalker saga, The Last Jedi blended rich nostalgia with entirely new veins of Star Wars storytelling. Young Rey encounters the legend of Luke Skywalker. The dark warrior Kylo Ren remains twisted by conflicting emotions and is as unpredictable as ever.

Written and directed by Rian Johnson and produced by Kathleen Kennedy, the film artfully blended Lucasfilm’s creative talents from across the globe and left audiences eager for the trilogy’s promised conclusion.

The Story

When Rey meets Luke Skywalker on a forgotten island, she finds the Jedi Master disillusioned and without hope. As she begins her training in the Force, she discovers a strange connection with the fearsome Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, General Leia Organa and the Resistance fleet make a desperate and costly escape from the First Order.