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More American Graffiti

  • Release: August 03, 1979
  • Director: Bill L. Norton

The sights and sounds of the 60s

A sequel to one of the most successful feature films of its time, More American Graffiti reunited audiences with the same beloved characters from the original American Graffiti.

Where its predecessor depicted the America of an idyllic period, More American Graffiti was a rollercoaster ride through the turbulent 1960s from San Francisco to Vietnam.

Executive produced by George Lucas, the film presented a unique visual style with experimental techniques in order to blend four distinct story lines into a concise film.

The Story

Set across four consecutive New Year’s Eves, the film catches up with the original characters from American Graffiti, now fully grown up and struggling to find their place in a changing world. John Milner races dragsters on the professional circuit; Steve and Laurie – now married with children – face the trials of family life; Debbie embraces hippie culture in San Francisco; and Terry the Toad considers deserting his Army post in Vietnam.

Uncle Sam says: I need the Toad!