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Jar Jarbie, a Mickey and Grogu Teamup, and More Winners from the Lucasfilm Chalk Festival

Creatives from Lucasfilm’s Southern California base make their Chalk Art Festival debut.

On October 5 Lucasfilm hosted its 11th annual employee Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival at its San Francisco headquarters, with an exciting new addition for 2023 – Lucasfilm’s office in Burbank joined the Festival this year, adding 11 amazing entries to the event’s 29 total on their own campus sidewalks. Braving the late summer California heat at both locales, artists from Lucasfilm and their Disney colleagues turned in a delightful mix of illustrations based on Lucasfilm, Disney, and other properties, with many of the San Francisco entries finding inspiration in a certain recent summer blockbuster.

The entries were voted on by attendees at both the San Francisco and Burbank campuses, with the winners depicted below:

1st Place San Francisco: “ILM Stage Team”

Team members: Ian Milham, Mackenzie Webster, Michael Mueller, Nathan Camp

1st place Burbank: “Team Ahsoklahoma”

Team members: Simon Estrada, Steve Ohno, Ryan Lee (Disney Branded Television)

2nd Place San Francisco: Team “Wookie Mistake”

Team members: Akanksha Sahu, Carolina Jimenez, Taylor Chojecki, Emma Holthouser

2nd place Burbank: Team “The Sorcerers”

Team members: Melinda Hernandez, Brandon Clark, Sarah Sharpe, Allie Wong (Walt Disney Imagineering)

3rd place San Francisco: “Team Ewok Ghost Party”

Team members: Bruce Marchant, Trish Brunner, Ian Bucknole, Jeff Pickett, Corinne Medeiros

3rd place Burbank: Team “Miss Alderaan and the Carbonite Prince”

Team members: Erin Feller, Jane Riegler, Edward Tsai, Rose Bueno, Cressy Lee (Lucasfilm)

Additional entries from San Francisco and Burbank!