Josh Rimes

Vice President, Animation Development and Production

As Vice President of Animation Development and Production, Josh covers a broad portfolio of animated content across the franchise.  He serves as executive producer on Star Wars Visions Volumes 1 and 2, Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures, and the series of LEGO Star Wars specials for Disney Plus.  He also produces Star Wars: The Bad BatchTales of the Jedi, and spearheads animated development for the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

He adores the storytelling process and works closely with series creators from the idea stage through production and delivery.  Josh is a lifelong Star Wars fan who experienced the saga for the first time with Return of the Jedi and was instantly transported.  Through animation, he hopes to bring new generations of young Star Wars fans into the galaxy.

Prior to Lucasfilm, Josh was a creative executive at Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company where he shepherded Nick at Nite’s stop-motion animated family comedy Glenn Martin, DDS, produced the online thriller The Booth at the End for Hulu/Fox International, and developed and associate produced the first two seasons of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman.